EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Jr.

  • MOS 6502C @ 1.79 MHz
  • 128K RAM
  • 24K ROM
  • 16 KB cartridge

Launched in 1985, the EPG Jr. was the second known variation of the EPG software which was initially made for low-end cable systems. Unlike the Prevue software, the Electronic Program Guide software was more listings-centric, as opposed to having a split-screen view. On the other hand, this incarnation of the software relied on the Atari 8-bit platform instead of the later Commodore-Amiga.

As of today, the only copy of the Electronic Program Guide software that is currently online is the EPG Jr., with multiple codes ranging from DKJR6, HMJR6, (courtesy of Tech Tangents ) NJJR6 and NNJR6. All of these seem to be the same revision of 6.

Unfortunately, despite having these ROMs, there are currently no easily available solutions to get listings into it. The closest you can get is adding in advertisements. If you have the knowledge and know-how, you are free to program the feature in. If one exists, let me know and I'll add it in. [c] Copyright 2021 PajamaFrix -- pajamafrix.neocities.org