PC Prevue (Windows)

PC Prevue was an alternate version of the Prevue Channel software made for Microsoft Windows that lacked scrolling capabilities and could display what program would air next or otherwise, among most of the same features as the Amiga software. This version seems to have been used as an alternative to Hollywood in later years, PrimeStar, and some international cable providers.

PC Prevue was dumped on Christmas Day 2020 by AriX, which acquired from a floppy disk previously used for PrimeStar. This copy has a version number of 2.4 and is dated February 27, 1997. Either you can download the 16-bit floppy disk contents from prevueguide.com, or you can download my installer compiled with Inno v4.2.0 here. The oldest operating system PC Prevue can run on is Windows 95, and should work on modern operating systems as well.

Getting listings into this version is a bit of a process if you're using VirtualBox, VMware, or actual hardware. However, if you're looking for a fairly simple method, use the DOSBox tutorial provided below. It's the most simplest as of right now. [c] Copyright 2021 PajamaFrix -- pajamafrix.neocities.org